New Business

Starting a new business? What is involved in setting up the company? How do you plan?
What are the pitfalls?
If this is your first time, then it is essential to get good, sound advice and ensure you have a well defined business plan and structure going forward. A bit of time spent getting it right now will save hours of wasted effort later.

  • Do I need a Limited Company or not?
  • Do I register for VAT
  • What are the implications of becoming a Company Director?
  • How do I start a business plan? Do I need one?
  • How do I handle my Accounts?

Business Consultancy

Many businesses nowadays have long standing and possibly in-efficient processes and methods. A fresh look at your business can make all the difference.
Or if you are finding business a struggle these days, then finding time to implement new strategies, watch your costs or explore new opportunities can be difficult.
What can I provide?

  • Examine Management and Staff Structure and Roles
  • Inspect the workflow, from sales, to production/service delivery to accounts
  • Suggest ways of stream-lining operations and increase productivity
  • Ways of cutting costs to increase your bottom line

These are just some of the issues covered. My advice is based on real world experience and a knowledge of what will work for your circumstances.

Technology Projects

I have many years of hands on experience in building Web and Integrated System projects. From simple online sales to linking account and production systems, I can offer expert advice on what is achievable. Many Tech Projects fail by bad planning or a desire to create “the perfect” system.
Projects have to be seen and handled in terms of achievable steps. Development is an ongoing process and has to continually be adjusted to suit how your business develops.
I can also offer services to manage and co-ordinate the project team from start to finish to ensure each party delivers what is required.