About Me


I was born in 1972 in Limerick, Ireland. I graduated from University of Limerick in 1994 with Bachelor of Technology Degree after 4 years studying Production Management.

While at college, I started my first company, Tronic Technology, mainly doing computer repairs and maintenance and also electronic assembly.

After graduation, I started working as a computer technician in Compu b, Limerick, an Apple reseller, where I eventually became Support Manager.

In 1997, the Internet in Ireland was in its infancy and there was a clear gap in the market to provide development services around eCommerce.
I started Elive Ltd, initially providing web and database programming and development. Customer needs quickly dictated that there was an opening to also provide the full package of domains, email, hosting and internet access. Elive were the first in Ireland to provide LoCost 1891 dialup and ISDN access to the internet with no subscription charges.
The dot-com crash in 2001 resulted in many tech companies having to close at that time and it also hit Elive very hard. We were lucky to pull through it and it taught me many valuable lessons in business and helped me become very focused on building a stable and profitable business.

While my main focus to this day is still within Elive, I also run a business that has developed an Advert Booking System,

I currently am also distributing Digital Theatre Paint that gives Hi-Def viewing on large screen projector setups.

I have had a few other business interests come and go over the years and constantly look for new opportunities.

My technological expertise allows me to consult on projects, large and small, and offer very grounded advice to suit any business needs.
The business process in any industry fascinates me and I am very quick to understand the needs and processes in a business and what is needed to improve and focus a company and its staff.

Outside of business, I have completed a Foundation course in Counselling and plan to return to start a degree in PsychoTherapy and Counselling in the coming years.

The last few years have brought many challenges to all businesses as we struggle to adjust to the new economic climate.

Maybe I can help you. Email me today at to arrange a Free consultation. All consults are kept the strictest confidence.

Seanie Ryan